IDAPython is a powerful feature of IDA Pro, and there are many open-sourced IDAPython projects. However, we cannot use every GUI-based IDAPython script due to some Qt-related breaking changes between IDA Pro 6.8 and 6.9 or later. The main problem is about migrating no longer supported PySide code to PyQt5.

Recently I ported PySide code within idasec–one of the most sophisticated deobfuscation frameworks, which tackles opaque predicates and call stack tampering in terms of infeasibility questions, by utilizing Backward-Bounded Dynamic Symbolic Execution proposed in the remarkably well written paper S. Bardin et al. IEEE S&P’17–to PyQt5.

That’s why I decided to write this blog post for a note to self and for someone trying to do similar thing.

Related Work

There are 2 guidances to migrate PySide code to PyQt5:

Please read them before. I only give supplemental information in addition to predecessors.

How to Migrate

Now let’s get started.

Change QtGui methods to QtWidgets

Most methods in QtGui migrated to QtWidgets. Therefore,

from PySide import QtGui, QtCore


from PyQt5 import QtCore, QtGui, QtWidgets

As an example, QTextEdit described in Hex Blog. In additions, the methods to be rewritten are as follows:

  • QtWidgets.QLayout
  • QtWidgets.QVBoxLayout
  • QtWidgets.QHBoxLayout
  • QtWidgets.QWidget
  • QtWidgets.QTableWidget
  • QtWidgets.QListWidget
  • QtWidgets.QTabWidget
  • QtWidgets.QDockWidget
  • QtWidgets.QTreeWidget
  • QtWidgets.QTreeWidgetItem
  • QtWidgets.QPushButton
  • QtWidgets.QRadioButton
  • QtWidgets.QToolButton
  • QtWidgets.QButtonGroup
  • QtWidgets.QGroupBox
  • QtWidgets.QSpinBox
  • QtWidgets.QCheckBox
  • QtWidgets.QComboBox
  • QtWidgets.QTextEdit
  • QtWidgets.QLineEdit
  • QtWidgets.QApplication
  • QtWidgets.QLabel
  • QtWidgets.QSizePolicy
  • QtWidgets.QMenu
  • QtWidgets.QFrame
  • QtWidgets.QProgressBar
  • QtWidgets.QStyle
  • QtWidgets.QSpacerItem
  • QtWidgets.QScrollArea
  • QtWidgets.QSplitter
  • There might be more…

My experience says that other than the following 3 methods may be rewritten:

  • QtGui.QPixmap
  • QtGui.QIcon
  • QtGui.QFont

idacute may overwrite all of QtGui methods, so I think there still needs to be manual works.

Overwrite _fromUtf8

We also need to overwrite _fromUtf8.

_fromUtf8 = QtCore.QString.fromUtf8
except AttributeError:
    _fromUtf8 = lambda s: s


These issues are described by predecessors:

  • Handling SIGNAL
  • Change FormToPySideWidget to FormToPyQtWidget
  • Change setResizeMode to setSectionResizeMode


This time, I was able to run idasec on IDA Pro 7.0 with some bug fixes and dirty patches – like this cool video:

If you are an IDA Pro 7.0 user, note that other backward-compatibility issue described in IDA: IDAPython backward-compatibility with 6.95 APIs will occur.


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